Corrected votes by the Members of the European Parliament

Summary (term 6)

This is an analysis of a total of 6 385 recorded and published votings in the European Parliament during term 6, with a total of 3 860 776 votes made by the Members of the European Parliament between 2004-09-15 and 2009-05-07. Out of these, 2 786 (43.6%) votings had at least one recorded correction, with a total of 8 445 (0.2%).



Aggregate data from dataset
Votings Oldest Newest Count Votes Corrections
All 6 385 3 860 776 8 445
With corrections 2 786 1 745 326 8 445


The data has not yet been verified to be correct!

While some of the results of the findings here are very interesting, they have not yet been properly verified. They could be wrong, they could be right. If you can help everyone out by verifying that the data from Parltrack, and the scripting in the open source projects, is correct - please do! There is currently (2014-01-28) work in progress to require machine-readable sources of data straight from the European Parliament, but until that has been resolved, keep in mind that this data is based upon parsing PDF-files meant for human eyes and paper printer consumption.

The data has not been filtered to reflect any opinions on votings, voters or votes. The data has only been reduced to include only votings with recorded corrections.